KAGE Awards Hall of Fame

past Service & Advocacy Award and Distinguished Student Recipients

Service & Advocacy Awards
Dr. Jim Flynn, Simpson County
Dr. Deanna Miller, Fulton Independent Schools, Michael Caudill Educator Award
Sally Maloney, Simpson County KAGE Chapter

Tracy Adams, Russell County
Kimberly Clayton-Code, Northern Kentucky University
Brooke Fell, Franklin County
La’Tonya Frazier-Goatley, Jefferson County, Michael Caudill Educator Award
Kim Barnes, Montgomery County
Linda Gillispie, Hardin County
Pam Harper, Pendleton County, (retired)
Jim Masters, Franklin County
Vickie Moberly, Madison County (retired)/EKU
Carl Stoltzfus, Hart County (retired)
Kathie Wrightson, Shelby County, Michael Caudill Educator Award
Lindsay Arnett, Hopkins County Schools
Tara Kinnel, Boyd County
Nick Carter, Breckinridge County, Michael Caudill Educator
Nita Cole, Bowling Green Independent Schools/retired, WKU
Meg Gatten, Union County
Jennifer Sheffield, Warren County
Colmon Eldridge, Office of the Governor, Legislative and Government Award
Brian Gupton, Alumni Impact Award, Dataseam
Renee Lackey, Elizabethtown Independent, Michael Caudill Education Award
Kim Nettleton, Morehead State, University Professor Award
Marshall County Chapter, Chapter Service and Advocacy Award
Gail Wagner, McCracken County, Parent Service and Advocacy Award
Jon Parker, Lexington, Business Advocacy Award
Sylvia Crawford, Department of Defense schools in Ft. Campbell, Michael Caudill Educator Award
Jane Bush, Kenton County, Michael Caudill Educator Award
Melissa Rash, Franklin County, Michael Caudill Educator Award
LexKAGE, KAGE Chapter Award
Keith Davis, Bullitt County
Connie Jones, LexKAGE
Bo Matthews, Barren County
Janet Meeks, Breckinridge County
Bill Gatliff, Fayette County Schools
Bill Farmer, United Way of the Bluegrass
Sean Howard, Glasgow Independent Schools
Cynthia Pearce, LexKAGE
Sarah Styer, LexKAGE
Mary Lee Bamberger, Fayette County
Michelle Lustenberg, Pendleton County
Susan Ryan, Elizabethtown Independent
Ed Long, Ft. Thomas Independent Schools, NKAGE
Julia Moore, Russell County Schools
Frank Rasche, Paducah, Legislator Award
Mary Ann Chamberlain, Fayette County, Michael Caudill Award
Tracy Ford Inman, WKU, Michael Caudill Award
Mary Evans, Warren County
Jan Lanham, Marion County
Carl Stoltzfus, Hart County
Bernadette Hamilton, Jefferson County
Trish Hall, Ashland, Ashland Independent Schools
Daksha P. Mehta, Elizabethtown
Dr. Linda Sheffield, Northern Kentucky University
Janice Fraley, Somerset, Gifted Educator of the Year
Dale Brown, Warren County, Administrator of the Year
Sharon Clouse, Glasgow, Parent of the Year
Michael Lanham, Marion County, KAGE Alumni of the Year
Randy Kimbrough, KDE
Jody Richards, Legislator Award, Warren County
Diane Baggett, Christian County
Jenny Horner, Lexington, KAGE Board Member
Dan Huffman, Ashland, Treasurer of KAGE Foundation
Susan McCloud, Glasgow, Glasgow Independent
Diane Baggett, Christian County
June Cacal, Ft. Campbell
Mary Evans, WKU
Laura Frees, WKU
Ellen Napier, Bullitt County
Peggy Reeder, Russellville Independent
Renee Stearns, Monticello
Linda Brown, Monticello
Nancy Gravely, KAGE Chapter Liaison
Charlene Beasley, McCracken County
Hendy Seelbach, Fayette County
Martha Bowen, Trigg County
Julia Roberts, Western Kentucky University
Todd Williams, Grant County
Elaine Gilbert, Bell County
Mary Lou Vittitov, Jefferson County
Amanda Brown, KDE
Claire Drucker, Jefferson County
Pam Chaliff, Rockcastle County
Mary Jo Ellis, Oldham County
Tracy Godshall-Flint, Boone County
Carrie Hedrick, Rockcastle County
Brenda Burton, Rowan County
Jan Lanham, Marion County
Martha Bowen, Trigg County
Gov. Martha Collins, President’s Award
Gov. John Brown, President’s Award
Raymond Barber, Superintendent of Public Instruction
Lynette Baldwin, KAGE, NAGC David W. Belin Advocacy Award
Keith Davis, Bullitt County, NAGC/Ball State Administrator of the Year
Dale Brown, Warren County Schools, NAGC Administrator of the Year Award
2005 (at NAGC in Louisville, KY)
Ric Ladt, McCracken County, NAGC Parent Award for Service and Advocacy
Michael Caudill, Madison County, NAGC Educator Award
Julia Roberts, Western Kentucky University, NAGC David W. Belin Advocacy Award
1998 (at NAGC in Louisville, KY)
Claudia Wells, Jefferson County, NAGC Parent of the Year
Julia Roberts, Western Kentucky University, NAGC Educator of the Year
Pam Geisselhardt, Adair County
Meg Gatten, Union County
Ellen Napier, Bullitt County
KAGE Hall of Fame – Distinguished Student Awards
2018-19    Daniel Ratley, Grayson County Schools
2017-18      Todd Prater, Floyd County Schools
2016-17       Lucas Strunk, McCreary County Schools
2015-16       Karis Cundiff, Casey County Schools
2014-15       Rachel Ritchie, Hardin County Schools
2013-14       Morgan Guess,  McCracken County Schools
2012-13        Matthew Pinkham, Elizabethtown Independent Schools
*2011-12       Kasey Fields, Fayette County Schools
*2010-11       Hadley Drew Pagel, Marshall County Schools
*2009-10      Katherine Goble, Fayette County Schools
*2008-09      Dominique Perry, McCracken County Schools
*2007-08      Brigit Claire Neary, Jefferson County Schools
*2006-07      Landon Lauer, Russell Independent Schools
*2005-06      Elizabeth Gatten, Union County Schools
*2004-05      Kennedy Womack,  Greenup County Schools
*2003-04      Kelsey Ladt,  McCracken County Schools
*2002-03      Rossi Katherine Clark, Floyd County
*2001-02      Nicholas Nickyta Fishman, Jefferson County Schools
*2000-01      Miriam Muscarella, McCracken County Schools
*1999-2000 Kelsey Tamayo, Elizabethtown Independent Schools (also 2000 National Nicholas Green Distinguished Student)
*from 1999-2012, this was also known as the NAGC Nicholas Green Distinguished Award

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