Gifted Education Month 2017 Poster Campaign

Giftedness Knows No Boundaries is a new NAGC initiative that KAGE is very passionate about.  The website tag line says: Join the movement to SEEUNDERSTANDTEACH, and CHALLENGE gifted and talented children from all backgrounds as they strive to achieve their personal best. The website is rich with information and the campaign posters are impressive. At KAGE, we have been motivated to incorporate a similar movement in our 2017 Kentucky Gifted Education month. We invite Kentucky’s Gifted Coordinators to participate in our own version of SEEUNDERSTAND, and ADVOCATE FOR US campaign posters.

District Coordinator Instructions:

1.       Use the sharable link to visit the Google Slide site.

2.       View the slides to see examples of what other districts are submitting, but do not make any changes to them.

3.       Choose one of the next available templates (one with NO PICTURE yet) to create a slide for your district. There are 3 basic templates to choose: ADVOCATE FOR US! UNDERSTAND US! SEE US! You will use the provided heading and message; all you do is supply your district’s photo and caption.

4.       Submit the attached photo release form to KAGE at

5.       Please complete by January 30, 2017.

Contact Jennifer Chaplin, KAGE President, at if you have any questions about submitting posters. 

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last updated 01/04/2017