Gifted Education Month Poster Campaign


In February 2019 KAGE will sponsor Gifted Education Month in Kentucky.  

KAGE invites you to showcase the wonderful things that your district does to support gifted education. Each district’s Gifted Coordinator is asked to participate by submitting pictures from your district using our shared Google Slide link provided in the instructions below. Posters will be showcased by KAGE for our state legislators in the Capitol Tunnel in Frankfort in February, as well as displayed at the annual KAGE Conference.

District Coordinator Instructions:

  1. Use the shareable link to visit the Google Slide site.

  2. View the slides to see examples of what other districts are submitting, but do not make any changes to them. 

  3. Choose one of the next available templates to create a slide for your district.  You will change add your school district’s name for the heading; Then, you need to insert high-resolution pictures (for they will be enlarged to poster size) and insert text boxes to add captions to the pictures. You may adjust the size of the KAGE logo and 40th celebration images.  However, those images need to remain consistently on each poster. 

  4. Make sure that all students have photo releases on file in your district, before submitting a picture on the Google Slide Template. 

  5. Please complete your district’s showcase slide by JANUARY 11, 2019

Questions? Contact

Jennifer Chaplin – 

Kim Nettleton – 

Sarah Coomer – 

Educating parents and district and community leaders on the importance of appropriate educational opportunities for gifted students is particularly critical.  Invite parents and community and school leaders into a G/T classroom during this week.  Ask them to participate in challenging activities along with gifted students!  Possibilities for showcasing gifted students and gifted education are limitless.

Gifted Education Month in Kentucky is a good time to open positive dialogues with key decision makers, parents, local officials, and community members.

Click here to learn how you can contact your legislators.

last updated 01/07/2019