In an effort to support parents, educators, and G/T students during school disruptions due to COVID-19, the KAGE Board has been collecting G/T-related educational resources to share with our members and followers.

If you know of resources to share you can fill out this form or email Thank you. 

To educators and parents of gifted students in KentuckyThe current times can be quite stressful for those of us in the education field and many of us work alone as the sole GT specialist in our school systems. The KAGE Board members would like to offer to be a resource/sounding board to the GT community in Kentucky during this time of unprecedented situations. If you need advice or just want to run ideas by someone, USE THE ATTACHED LIST as a place to find those of us who are willing to listen and be a help to you if we can. We are also glad to assist you with finding the answers to questions that you may have. Together we will get through this! -from your KAGE Board

CLICK HERE for a pdf (UPDATED 04-07-2020) of KAGE Board collected Enrichment Support Materials – this is an amazing compilation (spearheaded by Leann Pickerill), divided by grades and support areas! 

NAGC launched a new TIP Sheet, “Supporting Your Gifted Child During COVID-19,” to offer parents, caregivers, and educators strategies for helping their children manage intense feelings, anxiety, and stress during this extraordinary time. Click HERE to download (4 pages).

Below are additional resources (loosely arranged by subject area). Click on each heading to open up that category.

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