Increasing KAGE membership is a priority. This is especially important during a legislative year.

“The lifeblood of our success has been and will always be membership. Advocacy requires members who believe in opportunities for gifted and talented students. It is hard for a general to fight a war without soldiers. Also it is hard to replace attitudes of apathy and indifference with enthusiasm and support without dedicated members willing to go the extra mile.”

Dan Reeder
a past President of KAGE

How do I join KAGE?

Print the membership form then complete and return to KAGE.

Tangible benefits of membership include:

    • free subscription to the KAGE Update,a quarterly newsletter with articles from leading educators in the field of gifted education, updates on federal and state legislative announcements, and registrations forms for KAGE events, calendars of events, checklists for parents, and much more.
  • discounts on registration for KAGE events, including Annual Conference, Summer Workshop, and Social/Emotional Needs for Gifted Students, a workshop for parents and educators