KAGE Fall Workshop 2019

Join KAGE and Antonia (Toni) Szymanski, PhD, on Monday, September 23 in Lexington to learn about Gifted Students and Classroom Management. CLICK HERE TO REGISTER AND FOR MORE INFORMATION.

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KAGE Conference 2020

Join KAGE at Conference 2020 as we celebrate 40 years! Proposals to present to now being accepted. This is a great time to share, learn, and be invigorated. CLICK HERE FOR MORE INFORMATION

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Recognizing Excellence

Nominations now being accepted for the KAGE Distinguished Student and Service and Advocacy Awards for 2019-2020. Deadline for nominations is December 1. Help that special person be recognized for going above and beyond! Click HERE for more information.


KAGE Foundation Professional Learning Opportunity

Looking for quality professional learning opportunities for your educators, administrators, counselors, or parents? CLICK HERE to find out how you can stretch your professional development budget, with 100% of proceeds going to the KAGE Foundation!

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Gifted Ed Proclamation Ceremony 2019 Student Remarks

Thank you to Sydney Wheeler (The Gatton Academy) and Lori Porter (Craft Academy for Excellence in Science & Mathematics) for speaking at the 2019 Gifted Education Proclamation Ceremony in Frankfort February 6. You can read their speeches HERE.

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KAGE Foundation Professional Development Learning

Are you looking for quality professional learning opportunities for your educators, administrators, counselors, or parents, and trying to stretch an almost nonexistent professional development budget? Do we have a deal for you! Experts in our state and beyond have volunteered their services to provide professional learning experiences, tailoring the material to fit your audience and purpose.

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Support KAGE with Kroger Community Rewards

It's easy to support KAGE and gifted education in Kentucky when you use your Kroger Plus card! All you have to do is enroll your Kroger Plus card with Kroger Community Rewards and select KAGE as your chosen organization. Kentucky is broken up into different regions, so read more http://kagegifted.org/donate/kroger/ about how you can enroll your card and easily find your region. What a great way to support KAGE. Thank you!

Get Involved

KAGE membership is essential now more than ever! Click below to download a timely column, "The Importance of Joining Your State Gifted Organization," by Dr. Julia Link Roberts and Tracy Ford Inman. Share with others!

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Gifted Education Op-Ed

Tracy Inman, KAGE President, and Tracy Cross wrote an excellent Op-Ed in the Lexington Herald. Read it HERE, and then do more to advocate for gifted education. Advocacy is so vital at the state and national levels.

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Make a Gift

Kentucky’s greatest resource isn’t coal… or horses… or tobacco… It’s our bright young people with gifted minds capable of solving longstanding problems in innovative ways. Learn more about how you can support talented young people by providing financial assistance for a brighter Kentucky.

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Closing the Excellence Gap op-ed

Julia Roberts, KAGE Board member, and Jonathan Plucker wrote a op-ed in the Louisville Courier-Journal (8/13/14) on making closing Kentucky's excellence gap a priority.  Read it here and share with administrators and educations in your district.  

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Can Gifted Education Survive the Common Core?

As Common Core gathers speed in forty-three states and DC, what does it mean for high-ability students and gifted-and-talented education? Some contend that higher standards for all mean gifted education is no longer necessary for some. Others insist that increasing the rigor of classes will automatically serve high achievers well. http://edexcellence.net/commentary/videos/can-gifted-education-survive-the-common-core

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