KAGE Calendar of Events

June 14 – Summer Workshop


For additional information about these events, contact KAGE by email at kage@wku.edu.

KAGE strives to present professional development opportunities and parent sessions that offer proven effective instructional strategies, best practices, and information needed by educators and parents to meet the needs of gifted learners

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  1. I am so excited to hear about this. I have 2 daughters in the Gifted Category. As a therapist and mom of gifted children, I recognize that gifted children have special needs, sometimes in areas other than learning but can affect learning, like regulation of emotion. Also, I believe gifted children have needs to have curiosity and logic stimulated in the experience of learning. Sometimes it seems that Gifted is just interpreted as Advanced Advanced and kids are given more work instead of opportunities to stimulate and use their creative minds. I am so happy to hear that the needs of gifted children are being highlighted. I hope to attend the conference and would like to receive emails from this group.

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