Lynette Baldwin Memorial Fund

Lynette devoted her life to students with gifts and talents, their educators, and their parents.

Her tireless advocacy for Kentucky’s gifted and talented children impacted countless children and young people, their educators, and their families. Whether walking the capitol halls in Frankfort or Washington, D.C., organizing timely professional development opportunities for GT educators, overseeing the KAGE office and KAGE Board, and so much more, Lynette embodied the invaluable mission of KAGE on all levels. She was respected locally, state-wide, and nationally for her leadership.

It is with great pleasure that the KAGE Foundation created a fund in her honor. We invite you to help us honor Lynette and her life’s work.

Donations made to the KAGE Foundation for the Lynette Baldwin Memorial Fund can be made through the link below.

Thank you for joining us in honoring Lynette and her leadership.