Early Bird Registration for 2025 KAGE Conference

Planning on attending the KAGE 2025 Annual Conference? We have set the date and place: February 10 – 11, 2025, at the Marriott Griffin Gate Resort in Lexington. It is a good time to consider using year-end funds for registration costs. Plus, you will be allowed to take advantage of our early bird pricing of the $250/ member rate, $280 / non-member rate for the 2 day conference. This early bird rate is valid until June 30, 2024.

Below is the room block reservation link!

Book your hotel room for Kentucky Association for Gifted Education Annual Conference Feb2025

2024 KAGE Conference

KAGE 2024 Parent Information Night
Monday, July 8

Registration Required

Free for KAGE members $30 for non-KAGE members (includes a year long membership in KAGE)

Topics include:

  • How to effectively advocate for children in the public school systems – working as team members and not as inadvertent opponents.
  • Common gifted service options that are offered at the different grade levels.
  • How schools identify giftedness according to Kentucky’s regulations and definitions.
  • Social-emotional issues such as asynchronous development, super-sensitivities, and overexcitabilities – how to identify these and find strategies that work.

About KAGE

The Kentucky Association for Gifted Education (KAGE), officially organized in 1979, is a non-profit volunteer group of parents, teachers, administrators, other educators, and all citizens interested in promoting appropriate educational opportunities for gifted and talented youth in Kentucky. 

KAGE Mission Statement

About the KAGE Foundation

THE KAGE FOUNDATION, established in 1984, provides financial assistance to qualified elementary and secondary students throughout Kentucky who, because of financial need, would otherwise be discouraged from participating in the summer gifted programs offered by Kentucky’s public universities. Financial assistance to the summer gifted programs is awarded to highly qualified students primarily on the basis of individual financial need.

It’s an opportunity that could easily be missed because of a family’s limited financial resources.

Your commitment makes a difference! These young people benefit from your generosity.

Statement Condemning Racism

The Kentucky Association for Gifted Education condemns all forms of racism and is committed to working with our membership and the community at large to do everything within our power to end racism and the injustices associated with racism in all forms.