KAGE Foundation

I am so thankful for the people at the KAGE foundation for assisting me with attending this wonderfully enriching, enjoyable, and possibly the best summer of my life. It made me feel like somebody believed that I have potential.
The highlights of my camp experience were meeting new friends and taking my knowledge to brand new levels.
Having the support of the KAGE Foundation made her feel like she mattered, like she was a person of value to someone other than her family. It helped her to realize that one person / group can make a difference!

Giving to the KAGE Foundation

You may donate to the KAGE Foundation using a credit card by clicking the donate button below.

THE KAGE FOUNDATION, established in 1984, provides financial assistance to qualified elementary and secondary students throughout Kentucky who, because of financial need, would otherwise be discouraged from participating in the summer gifted programs offered by Kentucky’s public universities. Financial assistance to the summer gifted programs is awarded to highly qualified students primarily on the basis of individual financial need.

Your generous gift to the Kentucky Association for Gifted Education’s (KAGE) Foundation makes these awards possible.  These students want an opportunity to learn new challenging curricula and to spend time with their intellectual peers.  It’s an opportunity that could easily be missed because of a family’s limited financial resources.

The KAGE Foundation is non-profit, and each contributor is entitled to a tax deduction if applicable. All contributors will receive recognition in the KAGE Update, and in the Foundation’s annual report, unless anonymity is requested. You do make a difference. The KAGE Foundation relies on donations from individuals like you and gifts from businesses. KAGE truly appreciates the sponsorship of the Kentucky Education Savings Plan Trust for all its wonderful support of the KAGE Foundation.  Your commitment makes a difference!  These young people benefit from your generosity.

last updated 02/14/2022