An Offer You Can’t Refuse: Helping gifted learners

• Looking for quality professional learning opportunities for your educators, administrators, counselors, or parents?

• Trying to stretch an almost nonexistent professional development budget?

• Do we have a deal for you!

Experts in our state and beyond have volunteered their services to provide professional learning experiences, tailoring the material to fit your audience and purpose.

What is the cost?
• One-to three-hour workshop             $400
• Four-to six-hour workshop                 $800
• Most speakers will also require travel expenses

What are the topics? (If you have another need, just ask.)

  • Acceleration

  • Advocacy

  • Apps for Gifted Learners

  • Best Practices in Identification Practices

  • Building Critical and Divergent Thinking

  • Characteristics of Gifted Learners

  • Designing Inquiry Lessons in Social Studies

  • Development of the Gifted Student

  • Differentiation

  • Early Childhood

  • Gifted Education 101

  • Gifted and Poverty

  • GT/RTI

  • Handbook Revisions for the GT Coordinator

  • Highly/Profoundly Gifted

  • Instructional Strategies

  • Identification in the Arts

  • Identification in Creativity

  • Identifying and Nurturing Traditionally Underrepresented Populations

  • Integrating Literacy Strategies in Social Studies

  • Multi-Discipline Differentiation

  • Multi-District Services

  • Parenting

  • PBL in Social Studies

  • Primary Talent Pool: Identification and Services

  • Services in Social Studies Cluster Grouping

  • Service Options for Gifted Learners

  • Social-Emotional Issues

  • Standards-Based Differentiation

  • Starting a KAGE Chapter

  • Tiered Instruction

  • Twice-Exceptional Students

How does it work?

Simply complete this FORM (click here) indicating topic of workshop, target audience, amount of time, and possible dates and times. The KAGE Foundation will do the rest.

100% of the proceeds goes to the KAGE Foundation which provides financial assistance to qualified Kentucky students who, because of financial need, would otherwise be unable to participate in the summer gifted programs offered by Kentucky’s public universities.

Please act soon. Limited opportunities are available.

last updated 03/03/2021