Advocacy and Legislation

MARCH 25, 2016 – KENTUCKY STATE BUDGET NEWS – CLICK HERE to update a one page document about the state budget update, and how you can help make sure the current G/T allocation remains in the budget!


GIFTED REGULATIONS – 704 KAR 3:285. Programs for the gifted and talented.

Gifted Education Month:

February 2016 was Gifted Education Month in Kentucky, but any time is a good time to celebrate gifted education.  Click HERE for some suggested activities put together by KAGE board members.  Please share with KAGE your ideas and activities taking place in your area.  

Educating parents and district and community leaders on the importance of appropriate educational opportunities for gifted students is particularly critical.  Invite parents and community and school leaders into a G/T classroom during this week.  Ask them to participate in challenging activities along with gifted students!  Possibilities for showcasing gifted students and gifted education are limitless.

Gifted Education Month in Kentucky is a good time to open positive dialogues with key decision makers, parents, local officials, and community members.


Click here to learn how you can contact your legislators.

Kentucky’s commitment to funding gifted education has remained stagnant or decreased since the inception of KERA in 1990. Yet, the scope of identification and services has widened as has the cost of providing those services. The current allocation is not sufficient to meet the needs outlined below. An increase in funding for Gifted and Talented greatly needed.

Increased funding is crucial for:
1. Ongoing professional development for teachers;
2. Comprehensive identification of gifted students; and
3. Appropriate services for gifted students.

Click here for the KY White Paper on Gifted and Talented Education, KENTUCKY’S FUTURE: MINING UNTAPPED TREASURE, CHILDREN AND YOUTH OF THE COMMONWEALTH WHO ARE GIFTED AND TALENTED, for a fuller discussion of the need for increased funding for gifted education.

Click here for a summary of the fundamental beliefs anchoring the White Paper.

last updated 03/16/2016