KAGE Update

The KAGE Update is the official publication of the Kentucky Association for Gifted Education. It is published quarterly and is a benefit to KAGE members.

KAGE Brochures


The first in a series of KAGE-produced brochures, this pamphlet is designed to inform the public about differentiation in the classroom. The brochure is intended for use with parents, educators and other interested parties.

What Are You Doing to Find and Develop My Child’s Talents?: 20 tough questions that are more important than, “Is My Child in the Gifted Program?”

What comes after the identification of a gifted child? This brochure for parents and educators is designed to help guide thinking about how best to provide continuous progress for a child with great potential.

Multiple copies of these brochures can be obtained from the KAGE office for a nominal cost. Single copies are free, and you may make your own copies. Contact the KAGE office for prices for bulk purchases and shipping.

Also available (LIMITED SUPPLIES):

Nurturing Our Future: A Parent’s Guide to Meeting the Needs of Kentucky’s Gifted and Talented Youth

Designed for parents, this brochure gives an overview of the regulation for identification and services for Kentucky’s gifted children and youth.

Primary Talent Pool

The above brochures are printed by the Kentucky Advisory Council on Gifted and Talented Education and are available on a limited basis. Contact the KAGE office for more information.