Kentucky Summer Camps/Opportunities of Interest to High-Ability Students


Each spring KAGE compiles a list of summer opportunities/camps in Kentucky of interest to gifted and high-ability students. This list has enrichment opportunities that are either specifically designed for gifted young people OR focus on activities that would be especially appealing to high ability students (e.g., math, sciences, arts, creativity, languages, leadership, environment, etc.).  CLICK HERE TO SUBMIT A 2020 CAMP.    Click here to see the 2019 list. 

The list is provided as a SAMPLE of the opportunities available to gifted students. We try to include a wide variety of subjects and options from all across the state, and is not meant to be all inclusive. Your child’s teacher or district G/T coordinator may be able to provide you with additional options.  We suggest that you think about your child’s interests and look accordingly (e.g., universities, community colleges, city government, museums, libraries, theater groups, art galleries, parent magazines, news media) to find out about camp offerings. At the end of the list will be some websites with listings for these and other compilations for area summer camps.  Please let the camps know that you heard about them through KAGE.

Many of these camps have early registration deadlines, so contact them as soon as possible if you are interested. All information is accurate to the best of our knowledge. Inclusion in this document does not mean a recommendation or endorsement by KAGE, but is offered only as a service to families and educators of gifted children. It is not to be considered an exhaustive list. 

Please become a member of KAGE, and support efforts such as this compilation of opportunities.

Here are links to a few articles about choosing a summer camp for your gifted child:

• How to Choose a Summer Camp (good suggestions for 2e students) – Heidi Cooley-Cook, University of Louisville Kentucky Autism Training Center

• The Importance of Summer Learning Opportunities for Gifted Students – Barbara Swicord, CEO of the National Society for the Gifted & Talented.

• Planning for Summer – National Association for Gifted Children (NAGC)

• Finding the Right Summer Program for Your Gifted Child, by the Council for Exceptional Children –

last updated 02/28/2020

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