KAGE Conference 2020 Exhibitor Promotional Materials

In addition to other exhibitor options, KAGE offers opportunities to have promotional materials disseminated at the conference. This is a great way for participants get to know your organization or your company’s materials and services, especially if you are unable to attend the conference.

Two ways to have promotional items at the KAGE Conference:
Promotional materials congruent with the KAGE’s mission – Fliers, products, and other promotional materials which may include the company’s brand will be placed on general session tables and/or a “Take One Table” in the exhibit hall for taking by participants. Cost to disseminate materials in this way is $50.
A promotional piece which may include the company’s brand to be given at the conference registration desk. Cost to distribute product in this way is $100.
Please email Lynette Baldwin at kage@wku.edu with a description of the promotional material and for mailing directions.

Take the spotlight as a sponsor within the KAGE conference! You gain increased name recognition and visibility for your company and the opportunity to interact with educators and parents of gifted children. The KAGE Conference attracts participants from across the state who are actively looking for the latest, most informative products and materials on educating and parenting gifted children they can find. To discuss sponsorship opportunities, please contact Lynette Baldwin at kage@wku.edu.

You can register your company online at https://kagegifted.org/conf2020/exhibitor-information/register/You may use a credit card or we can send you an invoice.