Conference 2020 Presenters - Mitchell, Northern, Sheffield, & Wade

Justin Mitchell is an 8th grade Social Studies teacher and Gifted and Talented Coordinator for Franklin-Simpson Middle School in Simpson County. He is a KAGE Board member and chair of KAGE’s Advocacy committee. Justin serves as the gifted and talented representative on the School Curriculum, Assessment, and Accountability Council, the Educational Professional Standards Board, and is on the KY’s Gifted and Talented Advisory Board. He loves working with gifted students in the classroom and during the summer at VAMPY in his Pop Culture class.

Sam Northern is librarian and media specialist at Simpson Elementary in Simpson County Schools.

Jennifer Sheffield is the lead teacher at the Franklin-Simpson Edge Academy, a full-day enrichment program for advanced 4th & 5th graders, and is the district Gifted and Talented Coordinator for Simpson County Schools. She was instrumental in the creation of 212° Academy, an enrichment program for gifted 5th & 6th grades at Warren County Public Schools, has been an educational consultant at the Green River Regional Educational Cooperative (GRREC), and previously taught in Oldham and Jefferson counties. Jennifer recently earned her Ed.S. in Gifted Education and Talent Development from WKU and is the featured G/T teacher in the 11th edition of Exception Children: An Introduction to Special Education. 


Dianne Wade is a Gifted and Talented Resource Coordinator at Simpson County Schools and teaches at the Franklin-Simpson Edge Academy. She has taught in Super Saturdays (The Center for Gifted Studies, WKU) classes for gifted students for several years. 


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