February 26 and 27, 2024

We are back at the Griffin Gate Marriott in Lexington, Kentucky! If you are planning to join us at the annual conference, you can pre-book your
room in advance using the link below.

Parent Event: 5 Essentials of Parenting Gifted Kids

If only our children came with instruction manuals! Every child has his or her own subtle needs and differences, so what works with one child does not necessarily work with another. When you add giftedness, it gets even more complicated. Many parents of gifted and talented (GT) children find it difficult to talk to others about their parenting challenges and concerns. It can feel as though you are humble-bragging even though your concerns are legitimate. Understanding more about your gifted child can help. This session, led by Dr. Lynette Breedlove, focuses on five points to keep in mind as you navigate the incredible journey of GT parenthood. Join us on February 26 and keep a look out for registration!

2024 KAGE Conference Call for Proposals

KAGE is pleased to announce the 43rd Kentucky Association for Gifted Education’s Annual Conference on February 26 – 27, 2024.

The major goals of the conference are to:

• Highlight special materials, practices, and curriculum approaches that are responsive to the needs of high-ability learners

• Provide networking opportunities for participants engaged in curriculum, instruction and assessment for high ability learners

• Provide participants with additional insights into the nature and needs of gifted students. CONFERENCE STRANDS include (1) designing curriculum for the gifted, (2) social-emotional needs of the gifted, (3) administrating gifted services, (4) and other topics representing best practices and experiences for gifted children.

All presentations should have a gifted education focus. Presentations could be about projects or issues related to gifted education programming or the nature of gifted students, advocacy, parenting strategies, technology, and practical strategies/curricula of interest to general classroom and/or G/T resource teachers as they serve gifted students.

KAGE IS ESPECIALLY INTERESTED in the following topics in which past conference attendees have expressed an interest and need:

• Enrichment for Gifted Students

• Meeting the needs of gifted children in a diverse classroom

• Dealing with Stress, Perfectionism, and / or Underachievement of Gifted Students

• Identification of Gifted Students in any of the Five Areas Identified in Kentucky Schools but especially in the Underserved Populations & Areas

• Advocacy with colleagues and administrators

• Best practices and experiences for gifted learners

You are invited to submit a presentation proposal for consideration. These presentations will take place on February 27. Sessions are 50-60 minutes long. There is no fee compensation for these presentations.

Presentations should be content-based and not a product advertisement. An overhead screen only is provided. Presenter assumes all costs involved, including handouts. Presenters must be registered for at least one day of the conference.

The deadline to submit proposals is September 29, 2023. You will receive a confirmation email acknowledging that we have received your submission. Contact the KAGE office if you do not receive such an email in 3-4 days or if you have any questions– kage@wku.edu or 270.745.4301. Presenters will be notified of decisions by November 3, 2023.