Kentucky Summer Camps/Opportunities of Interest to High-Ability Students


Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, most in-person summer camps in Kentucky are being cancelled. Therefore, KAGE is not publishing a 2020 Summer Opportunities list similar to previous years (last year was 7 pages long!). Instead we will list any options from places that have contacted us specifically that are offering virtual summer camps, regardless of location.

The list is not intended to be all inclusive. We suggest that you think about your child’s interests and look accordingly (e.g., universities, community colleges, city government, museums, libraries, theater groups, art galleries, parent magazines, news media) to find out about online camp offerings. Check out the KAGE list of virtual educational resources – these will be good for summer, or they may do special summer programming.

Inclusion does not mean a recommendation or endorsement by KAGE, but is offered only as a service to families and educators of gifted children. It is not to be considered an exhaustive list. 

Please become a member of KAGE, and support efforts such as this compilation of opportunities.

last updated 04/20/2020

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