Gifted Education Month


In February 2019 KAGE will sponsor Gifted Education Month in Kentucky.  Activities include a Gifted Education Month Proclamation Signing in the Capitol in Frankfort on February 6, 2019.

• The PROCLAMATION CEREMONY for Gifted Education Month, (February 2019) will be held at the Capitol Rotunda on Wednesday, February 6, 2019 (time TBA). If possible, take advantage of being there and schedule a meeting with your legislators. It’s always a good thing when legislators and GT students interact! In January you can call their offices and arrange the meetings (502.564.8100).

If you plan to bring students to the Capitol for the Proclamation Signing on February 6, please fill out this short form HERE.

• Anytime is a great time to be a page for your legislator, but it would be particularly good to do this on Wednesday, February 6, 2018 for the Proclamation Signing day.  Click HERE to read more about being a House or Senate page.

• Looking for ways to celebrate gifted education month in your school or district?  Click HERE for some suggested activities put together by KAGE board members.  Please share with KAGE your ideas and activities taking place in your area.  

Educating parents and district and community leaders on the importance of appropriate educational opportunities for gifted students is particularly critical.  Invite parents and community and school leaders into a G/T classroom during this week.  Ask them to participate in challenging activities along with gifted students!  Possibilities for showcasing gifted students and gifted education are limitless.

Gifted Education Month in Kentucky is a good time to open positive dialogues with key decision makers, parents, local officials, and community members.

Click here to learn how you can contact your legislators.

last updated 06/21/2018